The BiblioVan

Hábitat Sur is the creator of the BiblioVan, a mobile cultural space built inside a police van that brings books, educational games, art materials and movies to underserved and isolated communities in the Colombian Amazon, who lack access to cultural resources and constructive alternatives for the use of their free time.

The long-term aim of the BiblioVan is, on one hand, to help close the opportunity gap for thousands of kids and young people in the Amazon who can’t access a good education and for whom contact with cultural and artistic resources is very limited. On the other hand, by visiting the neighborhoods and communities, the BiblioVan creates a safe space for kids to play, learn and share!

Hábitat Sur partnered with the Amazon Police Department to operate the BiblioVan and it has proved to be a valuable tool for the police to approach urban and rural communities of Leticia, to build constructive relationships with its people and to prevent crime based on educational and cultural methodologies rather than repressive methods.

Proud Grantees of The Pollination Project

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This project is possible thanks to the contributions and continuos support of The Pollination Project which has awarded it with one Grant (2013) and two Impact Grants (2014, 2015)!!

Within this project, Hábitat Sur develops special workshops and educational activities such as reading circles, cinema clubs, workshops on creative writing, illustration, audio-books recording, recycled paper making, Visual Tales (video and photography), and chronicle writing.