Workshops Calendar

Hábitat Sur Foundation develops a schedule of workshops and activities designed to allow visitors to explore the cultural and natural wealth of the Amazon region in a constructive way.

We have developed a learning-based environment and a knowledge sharing platform where visitors can get closer to the Amazon exploring it’s local traditional cuisine, sustainable agroecological practices, developing skills to live in harmony with the forest and its inhabitants, learning from the local artists, craftsmen and women, from local builders that use vernacular architecture techniques and getting involved in high-value community projects.

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We can help you design and organize your own personalized experiential workshop for groups: business trips, schools or particulars, according to your interests, time and needs.

Or you can join one of our scheduled workshops:  

  • Bio-Construction and Community in the Colombian Amazon – February 22nd – 27th, 2018 – Puerto Nariño, Amazonas.

In partnership with Organizmo – Design-Build Center for Sustainable Habitats, we have designed Construye Colombia, a ten-day workshop in which people from Colombia and around the World explore the traditional building techniques of the Amazon, local arts & crafts, cultivate the land, address a challenge identified by a local community and collectively design and implement a solution for it.

This year, we will be working with members of the Ticuna, Yagua and Cocama indigenous communities of Puerto Nariño (Amazonas) in order to finish the construction of a Center for Cultural Exchange. We will also spread the use of appropriate technologies by building two dry toilets, we will work on the establishment of a traditional medicinal garden and will learn from local artisans about local arts and crafts.

To apply to be part of the building team of the next workshop, please go to: Construye Colombia 2018.


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