Volunteering with us

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Hábitat Sur!

Hábitat Sur is a space for learning, sharing and experimenting a more sustainable and closer-to-nature way of life. We highly appreciate driven and enthusiastic people wanting to share their time, knowledge and skills with us and the communities we work with!
 We motivate our volunteers to find in Hábitat Sur a learning platform from which they can develop their own project or help us enrich and strengthen some of our ongoing initiatives, as well as establishing an exchange of knowledge and experiences that is both fulfilling for them, for the communities we work with and for Hábitat Sur.
Please note that until January 2018 we won’t be able to receive volunteers.
But if you have a specific project (ideally related to agroecology), we will be happy to hear about it!


Before submitting your application, please read the following document where we explain some basic rules for volunteers staying with us:

Hábitat Sur- Volunteer’s rules   Reglas voluntarios Hábitat Sur

To apply for a volunteer position, please fill out this form:


For short-stays, we permanently have ongoing projects that you can give us a hand with. If you plan to stay for a longer period of time, we have larger, more complex projects you can join, or you can propose your own initiative. We will decide upon it according to its pertinence to our principles and objectives.

Hábitat Sur ongoing projects:

  • Support the BiblioVan and the Little Public Libraries.
  • Support our “Shared Knowledge” Program teaching English Language and Basic Computers Skills to kids, young people and adults of neighboring indigenous communities.
  • Support Community Development projects under implementation.
  • Build, equip and help with maintenance of  wood cabins.
  • Support ecological restoration experiments.
  • Help with the delimitation of the Natural Reserve’s area.
  • Recovery and protection of water-bodies.

Areas of interest for individual projects’ proposals:

  • Agro-ecology and Self-sufficiency
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Sustainability
  • Arts, landscape art, cultural initiatives
  • Bio construction
  • Landscaping
  • Community strengthening
  • Waste management (Reducing, reusing, up-cycling and recycling!)
  • Environmental education
  • Responsible and purposeful tourism

Our volunteer program is run in partnership with Organizmo – Design Build Center for Sustainable Habitats. You can visit their wonderful centre located in the outskirts of Bogotá, learn different bio construction techniques and then come build, support our social projects and explore the Amazon with us!! http://www.organizmo.org/internships

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The Ranchito (Volunteers’ area)





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