Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve

Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve offers a space for constructive, respectful and creative interactions between visitors and the local communities, based on a model that combines cultural vitality, the building of sustainable habitats, and the promotion of responsible and purposeful tourism.

Watch the video and fly over the Amazon with us!

Map of Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve

Immersed on 600 acres of rainforest, the natural reserve is a space dedicated to the protection of the forest and its biodiversity (Species observed in Hábitat Sur), to the experimentation of a more sustainable way of inhabiting the planet and to a permanent dialogue with the traditional knowledge of neighboring indigenous communities.

Through an ongoing collective building process where dozens of volunteers and local people collaborate and exchange their knowledge, capacities and skills, we are developing a sustainable settlement located 16 kilometers from the center of Leticia.

In order to take care of the land and restore the ecosystems that were formerly degraded by human action, we are implementing ecological restoration experiments to recover the health and integrity of the soil, as well as revegetating disturbed areas and reforesting with native species under agro-ecological principles and practices.

* We are a Green Local Business certified by Corpoamazonia, the regional environmental authority.

Interested in visiting us? We have different options to make your visit unforgettable!

  • For expeditions and purposeful tourism, please visit our partner eco travel agency www.puroamazonas.com
  • To be involved as a volunteer, please click here: Volunteering with us
  • To participate in one of our planned workshops, please take a look at our Workshops Calendar. 
  • If you are interested in conducting low-impact social or environmental research at our natural reserve or doing an arts, agro-ecology, ecological restoration, landscaping or bio construction residency, please visit our Residency Program.

Click the link below to learn more about the process of creating Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve:

Creando la Reserva Natural Hábitat Sur


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