Cultural Initiatives

Hábitat Sur is founded on the belief that culture, creativity and the different forms of artistic expression are elements that highly contribute to social and economic development, to the stability and cohesion of communities and the conservation of the environment.

We develop and support initiatives aiming to preserve Amazon communities’ culture and to promote its dissemination both to the younger generations of indigenous communities and to visitors interested in understanding and getting closer to their traditions in a respectful way.

Our main projects to promote arts and culture are:


In June 2016 we celebrated 2 years of activities with the Bibliovan and the little public libraries ! Please find here the activity report (in Spanish).

Hábitat Sur and it’s partner Organizmo support the construction and management of this cultural space dedicated to recognize, revive and strengthen the cultural heritage of Muina Murui indigenous communities.

At the Centre,  kids and young indigenous people can attend weekly language (Muina Murui) lessons, participate in storytelling or singing sessions with the elders, learn to make traditional arts and crafts with artisans from their community, practice traditional dances, learn how to make audio-books to preserve traditional myths and tales from their tribes, go on a field trip to explore and learn to identify and preserve the local fauna and flora, learn about the challenges their culture  and their environment faces and come up with ideas to address them, and much more!



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