Little Public Libraries

Hábitat Sur promotes reading and culture in public spaces through the installation of little public libraries located in parks or plazas around the city.

The little public libraries are built from recycled fridges and other discarded domestic appliances recovered from the streets or from the river, where they represent a source of contamination. We fix them, invite an artist to paint them and then we fill them with books, arts and didactic materials, so they become a work of art at the same time that provide a new service to the community.

While installing a little public library in a park, Hábitat Sur invites the community to participate in its improvement by cleaning up the area, planting flowers and trees, painting and fixing benches, etc. This way, we promote citizen culture, respect for public goods and a positive appropriation of public spaces, at the same time as we create spaces in which citizens can engage in constructive exchanges.

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