The most beautiful invisible street you have ever seen

10th Street of the Victoria Regia neighborhood in Leticia is the most beautiful street of the city. Nevertheless, in a strict sense, the street does not exist. It is invisible.

If you are walking around Leticia and are lucky enough to get lost and find yourself in this street, you will suddenly be surrounded by a lively and magical environment. You will see bright colors around you, wild animals coming out from doors, birds with long wooden legs, fish wanting to swim through the windows, yellow butterflies flying around, purple ants and colorful lizards crawling on the walls. At sunset, you will see how the red sky mingles with the paintings of Amazon landscapes in the houses.


As soundtrack, you would listen to the never-ending music coming out from the Macedo family’s house, the voices on Don Raul’s radio who seats in the balcony to feel the breeze coming up from the river while he listens to the news, the chantings of the man that comes every morning to sell fresh milk and the laughter of kids playing on their imaginary street.

Walking on 10th street, if you ever find it, would be like walking inside a living fairy tale, with stories and images of the jungle and its dwellers painted by talented artists from the community of Mocagua over the wooden walls.

But you would be surprised to find that this fabled street doesn’t really exist. In the place where a street like any other should be, there is a bridge improvised by the neighbors using wood boards, nails and stilts, that disappears every time that the river rises up to let the neighbors know that the winter has arrived.

This street is also inexistent for the majority of inhabitants of the city and even for the local authorities whom, insipite of passing by every day and having their offices just a few blocks from it, haven’t realized yet that just a couple of meters down the road is the most beautiful invisible street they could ever see.





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